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The technical requirements for Sealing Clamps continues to evolve to keep pace with the growing number of packaging solutions in the Semiconductor, Hybrid Circuit & other Electronic Industries.

Wider use of polymers for lid/package sealing and substrate attach has increased the need for Higher Force Sealing Clips.


Concern to improve the operator handling comfort has increased the need for sealing clips with Improved Ergonomic Features.

EAS continues to develop and manufacture all types of sealing clips to meet the needs of the industry. In addition to the general purpose applications, EAS now offers a broad line of clips with High Force Ratings and Improved Ergonomic Features.

Clips are available in a force range up to 6.0 lbs. and they can be used on any style semiconductor package.

Sealing Clips Are Available For:
Chip Carriers - Leaded and Leadless
CQFP (J,U & SOJ types)

Pin Grid Array Packages (PGA)
     Cavity - Down
     Cavity - Up

Side Braze Packages
Miscellaneous Hybrid Packages & Custom Designs

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